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Quantification of beta-cell insulin secretory function using a graded glucose infusion with C-peptide deconvolution in dysmetabolic, and diabetic cynomolgus monkeys. ​


Background: Quantitation of β-cell function is critical in better understanding of the dynamic interactions of insulin secretion, clearance and action at different phases in the progression of diabetes. The present study aimed to quantify β-cell secretory function independently of insulin sensitivity in the context of differential metabolic clearance rates of insulin (MCRI) in nonhuman primates (NHPs).

Keywords: Insulin secretion rate, C-peptide, Deconvolution, Graded glucose infusion, GGI;Insulin resistance, β-cell failure,Diabetes  


Fig.1.  Time course of the blood glucose (Top), serum concentrations of insulin (Second) and C-peptide (Third), molar ratio of C-peptide / insulin (Fourth), and calculated insulin secretion rate (ISR) by deconvolution of serum C-peptide concentration decay curve (Fifth) induced by graded glucose infusion (bottom) in the normal (N), dysmetabolic (DYS) and diabetic (DM) cynomolgus monkeys. Left: Basal level at the resting condition before the graded glucose infusion. Middle: Time course during the graded glucose infusion. Right: Area under the curve (AUC) over the entire 200 min time course. *Significantly different from normal group, # significantly different from dysmetabolic group, p>0.05, by ANOVA with Fisher (LSD) post hoc comparisons.

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