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Characteristics of blood chemistry, hematology, and lymphocyte subsets in pregnant rhesus monkeys.


The present study was designed to characterize the blood chemistry, hematology, and lymphocyte subsets in pregnantrhesus monkeys and provide baseline parameters for future studies of reproductive and developmental toxicity and developmentalimmunotoxicity. Harem-mating was used in 96 female and 16 male rhesus monkeys. Pregnancy was confirmed on gestation day(GD)18 by ultrasound. The blood samples of rhesus monkeys were collected at various times (20 days before pregnancy and GD20,100 and 150). The analyses of blood chemistry, hematology, and lymphocyte subsets wereperformed. Copmpared with 20 days beforepregnancy, Significant decreases (P > 0.05) were observed in HCT and RBC on GD20, GD150 and in HGB on GD150, Significantincreases in NEUT and decreases in LYMPH on GD20 were observed. Significant decreases in ALB from GD20 to GD150 wereobserved, significant decreases in TP was observed on GD100. Significant increases in mean GLU were observed on GD20 andGD150 during pregnancy. Significant decreases (P > 0.05) in CD20+ subsets on GD100, GD150 and CD4+/CD8+ ratio on GD150 wereobserved, The significant changes of MCV, MCHC , RDW-SD, MCV, MONO, ALT, AST, GLB, ALP, TBIL, DBIL, IBIL, GGT, CR-S,URIC, TC, TG and CK were observed during the pregnant period, but no biologic change were observed, There were no significantchanges in MCH, RDW-CV, MPV, BUN, CD3+, CD4+ and CD8+ during pregnancy. These data provide a database for preclinical studyin rhesus monkeys. Physiological anemia, hyperglycemia, and immune suppression may occur in pregnant rhesus monkey which issimilar to that found in human, and it is essential to distinguish the physiological changes from the pharmacological effects in reproductiveand developmental toxicity and developmental immunotoxicity studies of pharmaceuticals.

Keywords: Pregnant rhesus monkeys; Hematology; Blood chemistry; Lymphocyte subsets

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