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The Primed Shines Team: Introducing Our Latest NHP Models at BioJapan, 2019

Join us for the annual assembly—the BioJapan Parternering Event—between October 9th and 10th at Yokohama, Japan, in which the Primed Shines Team will be exhibiting their latest spontaneous and induced NHP models to both present and potential partners. The six-member team, including the CEO, as well as members from the Business Development and R&D department, will be at booth D-131.
“What makes us unique is that the Primed team never looks at our business decisions as for seeking customers, but more as for building partnerships so that we and our collaborators can achieve goals in our fields and do good for the global society,”says the CEO of Sichuan Primed Shines Bio-Tech Dr. Wen Zeng. Not only that Primed will gather the amount of attention that it deserves due to its outstanding translational medicine research and technology platforms, the potential collaborations that are waiting to be built between the company and other scientific research institutions and hospitals is also something that is worth anticipating.


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