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Primed "trailblazing" at the Annual meeting of ARVO

April 29 - May 3,2018, at the Annual meeting of association for research in vision and ophthalmology (ARVO), Primed presented the latest NHP ophthalmic research capabilities. Primed’s exhibiting booth (1704) became the focus point of many meeting attendees, who are looking for a reliable research CRO partner, especially with excellence in ophthalmology

More than 60 major international companies and research institutes have conducted one-on-one talks with Primed and showed collaboration interests. Among them, including Janey Wiggs and Louis Pasquale, professor and physician from Harvard ophthalmology, conducted in depth research plan exchange. Other companies and institutes, to name a few, including Merck, Allergan, Boehringer Ingelheim, Santen, Singapore Eye Research Institute and Opsis, all showed interest in collaborations.

The successful showcase of Primed in ophthalmology at ARVO2018 is not coincidence. It comes from a long tradition of research first and rigorous science discipline from Primed’s entire scientific team and supporting staffs. Primed will continue this excellence in research and provide the most value to our future partners in our collaborations. 

“ARVO Annual Meeting is the world's largest academic conference for ophthalmology and visual research. It brings together the world's top ophthalmologists and international cutting-edge research results, with more than 11,000 basic and clinical researchers from 75 countries around the world participate in the conference, providing an international platform for the world's ophthalmology and scientific researchers to display and communicate. “


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