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Baowen Li joined Primed Team as the COO

On March 2018, Baowen Li joined Primed Team as the Chief Coperation Officer and Vice President to help push for further growth. Prior to join in PriMed, Prof. Li was Deputy Director of Laboratory Animal Resource Institute, Safety Evaluation Instate and National Drug Safety Evaluation Center, Director of Animal Management Department of National Institutes for Food and Drug Control. He currently serves as GLP reviewer for Chinese Food and Drug Administration, committee expert of Non-human Primate Professional Committee and Facility professional committee of Chinese Association for Laboratory Animal Sciences, member of laboratory animal committee of Beijing Science and Technology Committee, Executive Director of Beijing Association for Laboratory Animal Sciences.

“It’s really interesting, I enjoy this team and like to work with them” Prof. Li said. “I am confident in the ability of the team to realize the full potential of our platform technologies and progress our service to clinical development.”


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