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Primed Shines at ADA 77th Scientific Sessions 2017: 5 Abstracts Accepted

The American Diabetes Association’ s (ADA) 77th Scientific Sessions will be held June 9-13, 2017 in San Diego, CA. Five research scientists of Primed Shines Biotech will attend this year’ s scientific sessions and our posters accepted by ADA 2017 will be presented during June10-12 local time.The Scientific Sessions offers researchers and health care professionals the unique opportunity to share ideas and learn about the significant advances in diabetes research, treatment, and care. Over the course of five days, participants will receive exclusive access to more than 3,000 original research presentations, take part in provocative and engaging exchanges with leading diabetes experts and expand professional networks.

Research Highlights  

Nonhuman primate models with diabetic complications and their application: chronic heart failure, myocardial diffuse fibrosis quantification by cardiac MRI, diabetic kidney disease, diabetic foot, diabetic retinopathy and hypertension.

·Poster 1:Association of Imaging Markers of Diffuse Myocardial Fibrosis by CMR T1ρ Mapping and T1 Mapping with Myocardial Diastolic Dysfunction in Rhesus Monkeys with Spontaneous Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus. Presentation number:458-P, Time: June 12th, 12pm to 01 pm.

·Poster 2:A Plant-Derived Drug Improves the Cardiac Function of Monkeys with Heart Failure and Type 2 Diabetes. Presentation number: 488-P, Time: June 12th, 12pm to 01pm. (Plant-Derived Drug developed by Beijing Hongtianli Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd)

·Poster 3:Diabetic Kidney Disease (DKD) in Nonhuman Primates (NHP's) is Comparable to Humans for Glomerular Filtration Rate (GFR), Histology, and High-Risk Factors. Presentation number: 27-LB, Time: June 11th, 12pm to 01 pm

·Poster 4:Evaluated the Alteration of Slow and Fast Twitch Muscles to Type 2 Diabetes in Monkeys by MRI. Presentation number: 1993-P, Time: June 10th, 12pm to 01 pm

·Abstract 5:Determination and Evaluation of Hypertension ina Nonhuman Primate Model of Type 2 Diabetes.  Abstract number: 2427-PUB,Publication in the Association's 77th Scientific Sessions Abstract Book, the June 2017 supplement to the journal Diabetes.

Primed Shines’ CEO Dr. Wen Zeng, CSO Dr. Fabao Gao and Chief Consultant Dr. Barbara C.Hansen will attend this meeting and be present in front of the posters to discuss with scientists from around the world and introduce Primed Shines’ latest research at 12:00 pm to 1:00 pm in Poster Sessions (June 10th, PP: 1993-P, June 11th, PP: 27-LB, June 12th, PP: 488-P and 458-P). Totally 11 abstracts of Primed Shines have been accepted in the past three years.  

Sichuan Primed Shines Bio-tech Co., Ltd., headquartered in Chengdu, China, is a Nonhuman Primate CRO with extensive research experiences of 12 years (2005-2017). Primed Shines provides highest service to our clients in our 400,000 ft2 fully AAALAC accredited facilities.

Primed Shines currently has over 3000 rhesus macaques, on which exists longitudinal metabolic data from 7 years of semiannual screenings. A subset of 800 of these monkeys comprises Primed Shines’ dysmetabolic colony, which are at all stages of metabolic disease from obesity to diabetes.

Primed Shines has built a fully-integrated monkey imaging center and translational research platform for novel drug discovery. In total, 11 different imaging modalities are available for monkey studies. Primed Shines has access to 3.0T MRIs for cardiac and fibrosis imaging, dual-energy CT and Doppler ultrasound for cardiac and liver imaging studies. Other platforms available include dual-energy X-ray absorptiometry and eye imaging platform includes fundus camera, OCT and ERG. Primed Shines has built an imaging database for over 400 dysmetabolic monkeys.

Key Focused Disease Areas/Diabetic Complications

Cardiovascular diseases /Diabetic cardiomyopathy / Diastolic dysfunction

Kidney diseases / Diabetic nephropathy

Liver diseases / NASH

Chronic pain / Diabetic neuropathy

Eyes diseases / Diabetic retinopathy / AMD

Primed Shines Bio-tech has built a good relationship with more than 100 global partners including academic institutions, biotech companies, medium-sized pharmaceutical companies and Big Pharmas. Over 200 compounds have been tested across our NHP models with procedures and practices following GLP general guidelines.  

We believe that Primed Shines research platform will help you to make A Go or No-Go Decision and derisk the clinical development.

For more information about our posters, please contact BD@scprimed.com.