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2015, American Diabetes Association 75th Scientific Sessions, Boston

Time:June 05,2015

1840-P: Blood-Brain Barrier Permeability Increased in Rhesus Monkeys with Spontaneous T2DM: A Non-Invasive MRI Study

2122-P: Effects of a Long-Acting Formulation of Exenatide on Glucose and Weight Control in Type 2 Diabetic Rhesus Monkeys

544-P: Screening of Diabetic Nephropathy in Spontaneous Type 2 Diabetic Rhesus Monkeys

 2393-PO: The Pathophysiology and Diagnosis for Spontaneous Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus Associated Diastolic Dysfunction in Rhesus Monkeys

2891-PO: The Characteristics of Blood Pressure of Type 2 Diabetic Monkeys

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